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Paris & Simo "Reunite" with Galloway

Eclypse Records has released a mix of "Reunite" created by up and coming producer Galloway. The upbeat track was created by Canadian dyad Paris & Simo, with vocals from songstress Aloma Steele. The original version of "Reunite" features a laid back verse, which gradually builds into the songs huge chorus. "You and I reunite" Steele serenades over the tunes strong downbeat. Her vocals sound like they are gently floating in space over a sea of electronic joy.

In it's latest mix, "Reunite" stays true to it's original form, but Galloway brings something fresh and fun to his mix. Galloway weaves in interesting percussive textures and synth melodies to give "Reunite" a gentle change in feel. He keeps the energy of the song lively and engaging without totally deconstructing Paris & Simo's initial creation.

Paris & Simo are currently touring and have big performances scheduled in California, Florida, Istanbal, and New York in the coming weeks. Check them out before the summer comes to an end. Expect more on the way from Galloway in the near future.

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