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Cedric Gervais remixes Clean Bandit's "Tears"

If there's an artist who can singularly represent the state of electronic music's relationship with pop, radio play and live performance, it's Clean Bandit. The brilliant misfit band of musicians burst on the scene like nothing we had seen in 2014 with "Rather Be." The quartet brought melodic theory to electronica, with powerful vocal collaborations and a unique UK style. Now, that style is something to be sought after. 

At the end of May 2016, Clean Bandit returned with their first original since the release of their album New Eyes entitled "Tears." As in their previous releases, "Tears" is a beautifully crafted track that combines everything from soul to electronica, and is of course ripe for remixing. Tomorrow, those remixes will be out via Big Beat Records, with the first being from another pioneer in electronic music, Cedric Gervais

Gervais's moment came a few years before Clean Bandit's debut, being one of the first producers to really bring house music to the populus and bring pop and dance closer together. After pursuing the pop route more recently, Gervais has returned to some electro soul house for his version of "Tears." Connect with Clean Bandit: SoundCloud |  Facebook | Twitter

Connect with Cedric Gervais: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter



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