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Laetho puts a new spin on Chance The Rapper's "Same Drugs"

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Chance The Rapper's Coloring Book might net out as one of 2016's most anticipated and praised releases by year's end – it's certainly maintaining its momentum since its release in May. Its mix of gospel, funk, R&B and a huge cast of collaborators has proved to be loved by fans, and to activate new fans in people hearing Chance's music for the first time. Now another artist, Belgian producer Laetho, has done the same with his rework of one of Coloring Book's most beloved tracks.

"Same Drugs" is about the maturation of relationships between people and their partying habits, and the original is uplifting and powerful in the way a gospel hymn is. Laetho has put a totally new electronic spin on "Same Drugs," bringing new sampling techniques to the previously stripped down track. To celebrate his 22nd birthday, his groovy, R&B and funk-driven rework of the song is available for free download.

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