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Sean Turk adds future flair to Brandyn Burnette's "Closer"

Fresh new artist, Sean Turk has been creeping into our radars with some pretty banging remixes in 2016. From his delectable remix of DJ Snake's "Middle" to his sugary take on Vanessa Elisha's "Midnight Swim", Sean Turk always adds a spunky layer of future bass in his productions. It's an undeniable fact that 2016 has been a great beginning for Sean Turk's career. He's already been named artist to watch via Dancing Astronaut and his "Crossfire" remix has gained some traction on SiriusXM Radio. With the hype built up around the artist and his already released remixes, we're eager to hear what new material is in store for the future.

In Sean Turk's latest, he remixes Brandyn Burnette's "Closer", adding pulsating synths and a glowing groove throughout the work. With a picked up tempo, Sean Turk's production skill is illuminated in the incessant cadences of the synth melodies. His signature sound design stands out as vibrant, with a future bass style that is far from familiar and takes on a more polished tone than most artists that saturate the scene. Mixing both Brandyn Burnette's sultry vocal work and Sean Turk's aesthetic, an idyllic track dipped in equal coating of purple summer haze and smooth groove is birthed.

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