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Smino serves us some dancehall with "Lemon Pon Goose"

There are two main things I know about St. Louis:

  1.  There is a huge fucking Golden Arch (almost like McDonald's got divorced and 1/2 of McD was like, "fuck you,  I'm taking the kids, all the money and half of our body to shine in Missouri over the Mississippi river)
  2.  That it's Smino's hometown

Smino, Jean Deaux & Sángo team up for a textured yet turbulent tune called "Lemon Pon Goose". 

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/271307701" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

This cut is one of the most eclectic collabs I've heard within the hip-hop realm. Smino is often exploring a different cadence to spit a note to hit or a smooth production to flow over. But we haven't quite heard him tap into dancehall beats until this track. Showing his versatility, Smino not only kills this track but also pretty much slays everyone else within the dancehall game right now.

Chicago born, Jean Deaux is the female force on the track, and no stranger to Smino collabs.  Homegirl really turns up the island vibe for this trifecta collab. You can just hear the fact that Jean Deaux has a beautiful mouth - you can feel the lust drip from her lips as she spits.

Sángo never ceases to intrigue me. He could come out with an alternative screamo track that has just the right amount of jazz and Brazilian influence, and I'd likely fuck with it. YEAH, I trust his taste THAT MUCH. His tracks are produced with so much flavor that it makes you want to twerk, participate in daggering while doing a slow wine. Complete with claps, Jamaican horns, eerie keys, deep house/warehouse elements, reggaeton drums and trickling water droplet synths; every sound is carefully calculated - making this science of sound perfectly complex, catchy and authentic.

Connect with Smino: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

Connect with Jean Deaux: Twitter | Facebook Soundcloud

Connect with Sángo: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

Dancehall · Rap · Reggae


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Hi Melkiades, While some plugins support translation, there are no translation files available yet for any of them. You have to make your own. I did a brief comparison of each plugin here. It's not included in the table — only in the links below the table. The comparison page may not be corenphemsive. Other plugins — such as WPMU DEV Membership and s2Member — may both support translation but I wouldn't know until I inspect the code of each one. I'll do that in the next update. English isn't my native language either, by the way!