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CVIRO X GXNXVS hit us with a "Problem"

CVIRO (pronounced Cairo) has riffed over a 90's influenced production by GXNXVS (pronounced Genius) on his latest "Problem".  This is the third release from the notorious "throwback" collaborators, first being "Benjamins" and second being "Sober". Each new song possesses equally as much flava as the last.  The two stay consistent with their nineties r&b//dance soundscape with their addictive rhythms, steady bass line and sultry soulful hooks on "Problem". 

The initial hit of the rhythm comes from CVIRO's vocals. The first 25 seconds of the song combines his voice with samples of an angelic 90's tone (think Lauryn, Aaliyah, shit maybe even TLC) harmonizing in the distance, a steady drum and a couple deep bass notes. Around 45 seconds in, a Dre/Baby Bash pluck of the guitar riffs in your ear. And you instantly transport back to the nineties. Fuck wherever you are, because you aren't there anymore. You won't be able to handle the song in it's entirety during the first listen. It'll take three, six or nine listens at least. CVIRO's vocals could easily be mistaken for a guitar melody because they're just that smooth over the science from GXNXVS  and his signature sound. His soulful tones hits many different riffs throughout the track. He essentially achieves the vocals that producers everywhere attempt to create with their electronic vocal loops. It's impossible to lose the groove of the song because the whole thing sounds like the most catchy blend of r&b you ever did hear.

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