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Guys, we need to talk about Sum 41's comeback, "Fake My Own Death"

If 10 years ago you told me I would still be listening to Blink 182 and Sum 41 and seeing The Used, Say Anything, The Hush Sound, and Underoath in concert I would have laughed and told you to stop hogging the grass, man. But alas, here we are in 2016 and every band is playing reunion shows and trying to squeeze their way into this nostalgia wave us millennials are vibing on. To bring you up to speed, here is a list of a just a couple of groups that are being bold in the brave new world and releasing new material — feel free to comment with any we left out or just tweet it with the #NostalgiaRock tag. 

Blink 182 - California out July 1, 2016 - Listen to "Bored To Death
Bayside - Vacancy out August 19, 2015 - Listen to "Pretty Vacant
Taking Back Sunday - Tidal Wave out September 16, 2016 - (DON'T) Listen to "Tidal Wave
Yellow Card - Yellowcard, final album out September 30, 2016 - Listen to "Rest In Peace"
Brand New - ???? - Listen to "I Am A Nightmare
Sum 41 - 13 Voices out October 7, 2016 - Listen to "Fake My Own Death"

Blink 182 is weird with Matt Skiba taking the reigns while Tom studies aliens, Bayside sounds as good as ever, Taking Back Sunday is having an identity crisis undecided if they're Green Day or Gaslight Anthem, Yellow Card hasn't changed, Brand New sounds like the glorious culmination of all of their albums coming to one beautiful frothy head, and Sum 41 — holy shit. Sum 41 didn't try to play into their old sound or add a synth and drum machine to their repitoire to appeal cool. No, Sum 41 gelled their hair, plugged in their amps, and rocked the hell out. The song "Fake My Own Death" feels like it could fit on their album Chuck but has this driving rock sound that is reminiscent of the post-hardcore southern rock sound. The video is meme filled and critical of our digital obsession, with Nyan Cat and Kim Kardashian attacking  a city with rainbows and ass. Check out the video and stay tuned for more bands to ease out of the woodwork. 13 Voices is out October 7th via Hopeless Records.


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