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Stream Blood Orange's beautiful album 'Freetown Sound'

Here at EARMILK, Dev Hynes and his moniker Blood Orange is the type that is quickly scooped up, written away by one lucky person who gets to cover the minimal amount of releases from what I believe to be one of the more forward-thinking artists alive today. However, today, I am the lucky person. Not only that, but I get to share the full new album stream.

Freetown Sound is beautiful. I cannot be more straight to the point, but the gospel-pop conglomerate of masterpieces has hit my brain like a tidal wave,swooping in on any current likes and drifting them out to make room for their greatness.

Devon Hynes, the man who lost his dog and his house in one night, has put out music for a while. Blood Orange is one in the same. We've seen greats, but this is the best.

We also learned that Freetown Sound features Vince Staples, Venus Xtravaganza, Ashlee Haze, and De La Soul, not to mention engineering and mixing by the legendary Mikaelin “Blue” Bluespruce.

Freetown Sound is theatrical, uplifting, depressing, dancey, relaxing, scary, and inspirational. I'm thoroughly impressed by this one and this post doesn't do it justice. Listen below.

Connect with Blood Orange: Twitter | Soundcloud


Dreampop · Indie · Pop


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