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Watch Apothek perform "Reunion" live with a ten-piece choir [Premiere]

Apothek is a young, ambitious duo from Oslo, Norway, crafting dark, emotional, pop-influenced electronica in the same vein as Beacon or Darkstar.  Their track "Waiting for the Thunder" was all over sites like The Line of Best Fit and Noisey, and considering the sheer talent they've displayed so far, expect to keep seeing the name Apothek.  Their latest endeavor is a gorgeous live video for "Reunion," with ten-piece men's choir Birkelunden Mannskor in tow. 

 “We quite quickly landed on the idea of using a choir because the original has a lot of vocal samples and parts in it,” explains producer Nils Martin Larsen. “We thought Birkelunden Mannskor would bring a different energy to the track, and they wanted to try something a bit different than what they usually do. We had a beer, sang it through a few times and the result is shot by Simen Skari."

Check out the video above, and if you aren't up to speed on Apothek, now's the time to get in the know.

 Connect with Apothek: Soundcloud | Facebook | Official Site
header photo courtesy of Simen Skari
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