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Ninth Parallel finally releases sweeping, epic sounding "Infinitum"

Melodies rich in color, a sound that is fashionably cinematic, and most importantly, steeped in emotion are the words that come to mind upon listening to Ninth Parallel's much awaited track, "Infinitum". 

Around a whopping seven minutes long, "Infinitum" is no ordinary electronic track that can be heard and then quickly dismissed. This is a project that Ninth Parallel (aka Rishi to close friends) has been working on for a long time, and the end result has finally been laid bare for all to hear. 

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Listening to "Infinitum" will take the listener on a truly sweeping journey. The track opens with the sounds of thunder and rain before quickly jumping into a mantra-like pattern of steely synths. More intricate layers are gradually added, shaping a mood that is both anticipating and broody. Before long, a new transition is made and the original razory synths give way to a more anthemic sound. A dark, deep bass sound during this segment is reminiscent of a bassist sliding their fingers chromatically down their strings, and the haziness of the piece is faintly accompanied by snaps and tambourines, adding a light but necessary percussive element to give the piece momentum. Before long, "Infinitum" takes listeners through new terrain, with a segment that sounds faintly Madeon-inspired, with punchy beats and blaring melodies galore. Melodic dialogue between this energetic sound and quiet lulls before the storm finally escalate in a kaleidoscopic blast of power, smashing at your ears and turning your insides around. 

That's not it though. The calm after the storm takes place, with a gorgeous final section guided by soft piano chords and orchestral strings. Echoing drums throughout give this final part of "Infinitum" a feel that there is something more out there; and as the piece finally calms down, the listener is left feeling reflective, calm, and at peace with themselves after the epic journey they just experienced. 

To sum it up, "Infinitum", which from Latin translates into "forever, boundless, infinity" is undoubtedly a piece, not just a "track", that takes an investigative exploration of Rishi's personal development. And without further ado, Rishi begins and ends the show leaving listeners contemplating the true meaning of having music speak louder than words. 

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