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Nunca Duerma heralds summer with full-length LP 'Ven Ahora'

Nunca Duerma is a rising talent in the viable Chicago music scene and his latest full-length LP, Ven Ahora, is the perfect introduction to summer in those offbeat clubs. Released this past Friday (June 17) on the Detroit Record label Young Heavy Souls, each track is a veritable masterpiece. Ven Ahora can be seen as a blend of incessant beats, melodies that soar above them and a vibe that ushers in the arrival of summer. 

One particular standout track is the album kick-off "Mini-Ramp Kisses," which combines chopped n' diced soul vocals over a steadily increasing beat that mimicks the motion of a ramp itself.  He says:

"It's definitely my best record yet and makes me even more excited to see where this new direction goes over the next few years.  The faster songs I think can easily be perceived to have been inspired by footwork, but I could argue that there is more influence from the UK and Detroit. Also, Side A (Tracks 1-4) resembles music I'd want to hear in a dance club, while Side B is more experimental and carefree." 

Connect with Nunca Duerma: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter 

Electronic · House


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