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Arty reunites with Armin Van Buuren to remix "Embrace" [Premiere]

If you're a lover of dance music, chances are you're not hearing the names Arty and Armin Van Buuren for the first time today. And if you love trance,  chances are this isn't the first you've heard of the latest collaboration between the two names. On their own, they both have impressive careers in dance music - Arty, a Russian wunderkind who came to fame with his unique uplifting melodic sound in 2009, released his first artist album, Glorious last year, and Armin, trance's de facto king, who released his sixth studio album Embrace in 2015 and whose singular name needs no introduction. 

For the album I worked with a team of singer/songwriters and the lyrics became a lot more personal. There is a part of myself in every song. While working on my album I changed the process of how I usually wrote my songs. I found a lot of different methods for new sounds.  It was basically teaching myself a different perspective of being an artist. I think it changed the way I look at producing singles and remixes in the way that I want to keep experimenting and create something new. - Arty

For nearly 12 years, Armin and his A State of Trance team have been releasing various annual compilation albums, one of which made its way to release already in 2016. The release of A State of Trance 2016 earlier this year saw a slew of new originals as well as remixes from the previous year's Embrace. And for the remix of the album's title track, he sought out Arty, and now, with the remix's success, it's getting a release of its own.

I have known Armin for quite some time already. I met him at A State Of Trance in 2011 for the first time when I was playing there. 

The two artists weren't strangers, after meeting years before, Arty had a famed feature spot in the A State of Trance tour, and worked together on an original collaboration, "Nehalennia" for the release of A State of Trance 2013

I am always trying to experiment with my sounds. With a remix I just listen and let my instincts and creativity lead. It all begins with an idea in my head after which the creative process and the creation of the track starts.

Arty's take on "Embrace" proves why he is a sought after talent. An impressive balance between invigorating chord play and big room energy, Arty has been able to maintain his style throughout his career, proving it timeless. His remix of "Embrace" is out June 10th via Armada Music.

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