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Enter the 'Spring Mirage' with the latest project from Chester Watson & Kent Loon

Floridian collective the Nü Age Syndicate have been causing seismic waves in the underground rap scene for a while now. With the emergence of social media websites in terms of being able to connect with people all across the world, it seems that music is the main beneficiary, with plenty of new artists getting their name around due to sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Today, we've been blessed with some new music from two of the primary members of Nü Age, Kent Loon & Chester Watson.

The pair, who's extensive back catalogue is some of the nicer work to come from the underground in a while, have come together for a joint project entitled Spring Mirage. Sitting at eight tracks deep, the EP showcases both Kent's and Chester's keen ear for a dope flow, and bangin' instrumentals, self produced and by some of their homies. Kent has that trill trap vibe about him, with bumpin' outlandish beats dissected with auto-tuned hooks and water-like flows that ride the beats so closely, with "Oaks" being a perfect example of this. Chester on the other hand, still has those trap vibes, but chops it up with the trip-hop side of things. This project not only brings a host of vibes together, but it also brings out the best in each artist, creating a truly engaging listening expericence. If you like what you're hearing, you can cop the album over on iTunes!

You can stream Spring Mirage in it's entirety above, and be sure to hit up Kent Loon on his Twitter & Soundcloud, and Chester on his Twitter, Soundcloud and Facebook!

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