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Lange delivers "Airpocalypse"

It's no secret to fans of trance music that tech trance has proved itself as the genre's next frontier. With artists like Bryan Kearney and Ben Nicky leading the way with tech trance as their signature sound, fans have picked up on the sub genre's big room intensity that's perfect for picking up any set's energy, we've gradually seen the Beatport Trance Top 100 be occupied more and more by the tracks that take us down the rabbit hole. We've also seen artists who usually dabble in softer sounds take their turn at the darkness, and now, it's UK trance icon Lange who's taken the plunge on his latest, "Airpocalypse."

Aside from managing his labels, Lange has been fairly quiet on the solo release front since the release of his album We Are Lucky People and its subsequent remixes in 2013 and 2014. This week, "Airpocalypse" has entered with a huge presence, though, sparking our hope for another album soon. Out via In Trance We Trust, each verse on "Airpocalypse" sounds like any successful trance track, with bouncing spellbinding melodic progressions. But then, things spiral into head-spinning amazingness, and the reminder of why tech trance can be so mesmerizing kicks in, and through impressive production, Lange proves why he is a successful veteran in the industry. Premiered on Armin van Buuren's iconic A State of Trance radio show, "Airpocalypse" is available via Beatport today.

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