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Introducing: SAMSON and his debut track "In My Mind"

The world has a new rising star on its hands in the form of London singer-songwriter SAMSON. And today, we have a first listen ot his debut single entiteld "In My Mind." There, he's made a statement on his musical style: passionate, brooding and moving vocals, uplifted by production from the Zane Lowe-approved producer Sakima. 

I wrote "In My Mind" for all of those constantly battling their own demons and internal struggles. Nobody deserves to feel that way. It's so important to be open about things, in today's world of social media and its focus on body image. I wanted to move away fromwriting about relationships and focus on personal issues we all go through. Sakima‘s dark, colder production I felt balanced the lyrical emotion of the song.

With a moving melody and overall feel that lingers, "In My Mind" is an impressive debut from the impression it leaves as a whole, lyrics, vocals and production that leave an impact such that we look forward to seeing more from SAMSON as his career grows.

Connect with Samson: Facebook | Twitter

Electronic · Main Stage · R&B


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