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Liana Bank$ and Mura Masa connect on the intoxicating "Leave Me Alone"

It is impossible to follow Liana Bank$ latest single title's antisocial instructions. "Leave Me Alone" will have you running back for more, addicted to the New Yorker's sultry vocals and fiery lyrics. The young singer/songwriter has stepped out of the shadows of her family and past superstar employers, to make 2016 a breakout year in her career; "Leave Me Alone" is link in an impressive chain of stunning Bank$ tracks, most notably "LVLUP."  

Mura Masa beat, which happens to share the same name, is the foundation of "Leave Me Alone". The jazz undertones and smooth, laidback percussion wonderfully suit Bank$ vocals and delivery. She candidly floats through the four minute track, with seemingly no stress. However, her lyrics are jam packed with angst and impatience, but also confusion. "Leave Me Alone" is a song about love and wanting to be loved, yet also resistance to romance. Bank$ wants her and her potential partner's mutual feels acknowledged, just not always acted upon to preserve the moment's beauty and purity.

Liana Bank$ delivers a spellbinding performance on "Leave Me Alone." Her songwriting ability shines through, as she twists and weaves her way through puppy love innocence and in-heat seduction. Her singing will keep you coming back. Check it out above.

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Future R&B · R&B · Soul


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