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Tonton intricately reworks "Lotus Eater" like you've never heard before

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Even the greatest songs have gone under the "remix" treatment at some point or another. And making a great song even better can be really difficult. For the most part, there have been rare reworks of Mura Masa's popular "Lotus Eater" that have matched up to the original or been particularly outstanding, if any.

This is why it's a must to take a listen today to Netherlands-based producer Tonton's reimagining of "Lotus Eater". His remix takes the notoriously catchy flute solo of the original and twines it around an elegant crew of plucky synths, sharp bass, and bell-sounding chimes at around 1:23 that will send shivers down your back. The arrangement is incredible, with well-paced, gradual buildups to counter the otherwise meditative and calming atmosphere of other parts of the song. Most ear-catching of all, the several key changes and gradual slow-down to the original synth melody which closes out the end leaves a solid impression in the mind of the listener.

Tonton's remix of "Lotus Eater" is a delicately crafted and uniquely thought-out track that has successfully taken the best elements of the original track and created something altogether refreshing and noteworthy for listeners to bask in. 

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