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Ikonika reworks Naomi Pilgrim's "Sink Like A Stone" [Premiere]

Swedish / Barbadian singer-songwriter Naomi Pilgrim recently released "Sink Like a Stone," the title track and lead single from her forthcoming EP for Cosmos.  After starting out as a backing vocalist for artists like Lykke Li, Pilgrim has found considerable success on her own recently, breaking out with "No Gun" a few years go, and going on to play large Scandinavian festivals like Way Out West.  

Last year she returned to her native Barbados for the first time in years, and the experience was enlightening.

"It was difficult to see how Barbados had grown into a kind of poverty I couldn't recall from my childhood. At the same time I was reminded of the joy that can come from simplicity. It was an important trip that helped me understand how to use my Barbadian heritage in my music." 

Pilgrim's lyrics are also concerned with the rise of fascism in Europe, and racial violence in the United States; "Sink Like A Stone" was inspired by the death of Eric Garner.  But rather than focusing on any one nation, Naomi Pilgrim's perspective seems global.  She refers to herself as a "whistleblower for peace," and R&B needs more of these voices speaking up in today's world.

With "Sink Like A Stone" having done quite well on Hype Machine upon release, it's now our pleasure to debut Ikonika's sleek remix.  The Hyperdub producer recently dropped a phenomenal remix of Junior Boys' "Over It," and here she adds cool, funky synths, fluttery drums, and a bouncy bass rhythm for a relaxed change of pace to Pilgrim's original.  Check it out now, the Sink Like A Stone EP is out June 3.

Connect with Naomi Pilgrim: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Connect with Ikonika: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter


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