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Sieren releases ethereal new track "See You" on Ki Records [Premiere]

Sieren has released his ethereal new track "See You" on Ki Records, a label based in Cologne. His latest LP, Transients of Light was just released on the label under his mother's maiden name "Sieren" which is an alias for producer Matthias Frick. Frick began his work in the music industry as a software engineer for Ableton but transferred seamlessly into the creative end of things after pursuing a masters in digital signals processing in Berlin. 

The producer has a real draw towards UK bass music and his multitude of influences can clearly be heard on latest release "See You." Perhaps his background as a software engineer shapes the snippets of vocals, circular live records and deeply experimental soundscapes that we find on his latest release.

Connect with Sieren: Facebook | Twitter

Connect with Ki Records: Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr   


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