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Michael Christmas explores his neurotic nature on "Paranoid"

Michael Christmas continues to be one of the most entertaining underground lyricists in the game. His bars are a witty mix of fast-paced punchlines and pop cultural satire. One moment he drops a line that forces you to rewind and unpack, then the very next one, he has you laughing hysterically. His oft self-deprecating humor, oddball references, and overall lyrical talent are some of the reasons his last project, What A Weird Day, attracted a cult following.

Mr. Christmas is already gearing up for his next release, Baggy Eyes EP, set to drop later this month. Thankfully, he packaged this exciting news with a brand new single that features all of the aforementioned qualities, entitled "Paranoid."

Right from the beginning, "Paranoid" starts with a bang, thanks to Tedd Boyd's and Latrell James' production. The dominant vocal sample is soothing and laidback, juxtaposing Christmas' manic, angst-filled lyrics. He is in top form on this track, rapping about not wanting to go outside and just the creepiness of the world.

Since his emergence onto the scene, the Boston rapper has learned a lot and traveled, which gives him more ammunition for his verses. Christmas' best moment on "Paranoid" though, has to be when he forgets the strippers name he was supposed to shout out; it's hard not to laugh at such an absurd moment, randomly interjected, in a hip-hop song. 

You can take a listen above, but should also keep an eye on Christmas' Soundcloud for the Baggy Eyes EP. It is sure to be a great time and listen.

Connect with Michael Christmas: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

Hip-Hop · Rap · Spoken Word


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