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Welcome to Rhys Langston's "Future Suite" [Premiere]

Rhys Langston of Los Angeles, CA, is a triple threat; he is a man of words (MC and poet), a producer, and a visual artist. He uses all three elements of his artistry to create a musical experience that invites listeners into unchartered worlds that leave you in deep thought.

Today, Langston has a new release entitled Future Suite. He describes Future Suite as,

"somewhat of an "in betweener", not quite an EP but not a single track by any means. The form is in the title, for it is a suite, 5 interwoven tracks that dreamily meander together in 8 minutes. Progression, time, and a sense of reconfiguration are concepts explored through the poetically abstracted lyrical content, but also the form."

The suite features production from Kató, Welcome Home, Iyasa, and Rhys Langston himself. Though 5 separate tracks, they come together perfectly through their jazzy, J Dilla-esque production that helps in setting the mood for Langston's transcendent wordplay.

Prepare yourself for a vibe-filled journey through the Future Suite; and be sure to look for more new music from Rhys Langston soon.

Hip-Hop · Jazz Hop · Premiere · Spoken Word


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