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EDWYNN △ TIKAL and Spirix rework Brandon Skeie's "So Bad"

It's a beautiful thing that happens when a pop track is flipped and undergoes a completely new entity. When music and art is reimagined by others interpretations, the existence of a track becomes ever evolving and grows beyond a stagnant hit stuck in time. Los Angeles based singer Brandon Skeie's track "So Bad" was released just early 2016. The singer had crafted a catchy and smooth track which highlighted his impressive vocal range and effortless groove.

Aux London are a taste-maker collective based out of London, who've judiciously hand-picked EDWYNN △ TIKAL and Spirix's remix of "So Bad" as their latest release. EDWYNN △ TIKAL, also know as Thor Lundeberg and Leonardo Palmberg are a producer duo based out of Sweden and share a small but delectable Soundcloud library of sweet sounds. The duo produce fresh and upbeat tracks with a pop touch and innovative future aesthetic. Spirix's "Something About You" featuring ALIUS is a light track that ideally sits as a background to a romantic summer drive. Together, the two artists have flipped "So Bad" and injected a sense of future bass audacity. Vocal chops and warm synths layer in their production and create a multifaceted configuration of soul. Check out the track below.

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