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Fickle Friends' "Swim" gets an irresistible Duck House remix [Premiere]

In New York and London, residents and tourists have been graced with the first signs of sustainable Spring. Floating in the air is a feeling of whimsy and endless possibility. It's that energy that influences you to trade melancholy Bon Iver and Morrisey records for lively Ra Ra Riot and Phoneix songs. Bubbly indie-pop and Spring weather go together perfectly, and this Duck House remix of Fickle Friends', "Swim" is a perfect track to add to the rotation. The UK producer pitches the track's vocals down and injects it with a heavy dose of bubble gum pink future electro synths. Eclectic instrumentation and a snap percussion track elevate the already infectious single, adding this driving sense of wonder and undeniable shimmer. Enjoy the remix and check out the video for the original track below. 

Connect with Fickle Friends: Spotify | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter 
Connect with Duck House: Spotify | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


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