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Max Chapman on pacing himself and latest track "Move Back" [Premiere]

Max Chapman has turned heads for five years now, and he isn't slowing down: earlier this year he released his debut LP on Madtech, and this month played his first set for Boiler Room. All while manning his own label Resonance Records, seeing it go from strength to strength.

EARMILK caught up with Max Chapman alongside premiering "Move Back" from his latest EP. 

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"Move Back" shows off his production chops with finesse percussion work of claps and triple kick drums, pinned down with a deep and alluring bassline. You Just Won't is due out on fellow house heads Leftwing & Kody's record label Lost Records. The EP is the freshest material in a long line of releases from Max in 2016 alone. You Just Won't contains two original tracks from Max, with both Luca Cazal and Electronic Youth stepping in for a remix.

EARMILK: How have you been working both "Move Back" and "You Just Won’t" into your sets?
Max Chapman: For me "You Just Won't" works everywhere at any time, it’s just big a tech house groover that seems to pick everyone up and make that bit of difference on the dancefloor. "Move Back" I tend to play when I'm starting to pick things up.
EM: Is it the same guy we can hear on both tracks?
MC: Yes, of course!
EM: Are there any vocalists you’d love to hook up with?
MC: Yes, I would love to work with Alex Mills on something a bit more vocal, I love her voice and I have asked her a few times if we can get something going, so hopefully it’s soon.

Max Chapman for Boiler Room in Ecuador

No matter how tough it gets or how little time you have, passion will make everything work.

EM: You’ve been putting out multiple EPs this month, as well as getting your debut LP as the first album ever out on Madtech earlier this year. How do you juggle your day-to-day life with such a busy release and tour schedule?
MC: I’m in the studio every evening after work or during the day if I take it off, so I guess it’s just the passion that drives me to keep making music. No matter how tough it gets or how little time you have, passion will make everything work.
EM: Your label is 4 years old now, so congratulations! What are your favourite aspects of running Resonance? Is there anything you wish someone would of told you when you started your label?
MC: To be honest I think that I have learnt to slow down, to not feel like I need a release every single month. Things are going to be happening a little slower with more concentration these days. Before I thought it was important, but what’s important is that you have to love what you are releasing and don't let the business side step into that.
EM: Can you tell us what to expect from your label Resonance Records for the rest of the year, artists and events wise?
MC: Next up is an EP from Majesty with remixes from Anëk and Latmun. Shortly after that we have an EP from Pete Dorling with remixes from myself and AJ Christou, then an EP from yours truly, the rest is still in discussion.

You Just Won't is out on April 22nd.

Connect with Max Chapman: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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