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Hiatus Kaiyote's "Laputa" remixed by Taylor McFerrin and Anderson .Paak

Virtuosic swamp funkers Hiatus Kaiyote don't collaborate outside the band too often, but when they do, it's with someone who's just too perfect to pass up.  "Nakamarra"'s Q-Tip feature was the first example, and Kaiyote vocalist Nai Palm delivered vocals on Taylor McFerrin's "The Antidote" soon after.  Now McFerrin's paying them back with a remix of Choose Your Weapon standout "Laputa," and to top it all off it features a verse from Anderson .Paak.  

McFerrin's multi-instrumental talents are what make him such a great match for Hiatus Kaiyote; he's able to take apart "Laputa"'s complex structures and re-order them, while keeping the organic feel of a live band.  Anderson .Paak's delivery is nonchalant and comfortable on the crystalline bed of keys beneath it, and like Q-Tip, his voice lines up with Palm's nicely.  Putting three artists on one track can get sloppy, but here the balance is just right.  They'd all be perfect travel buds, but for now they're on separate tours.  You can check the dates via their Facebook links below.

Connect with Hiatus Kaiyote: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Connect with Taylor McFerrin: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Connect with Anderson .Paak: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

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