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Hear Juliet Piper's breakout "Inevitable" [Video]

It’s rare that an artist comes out of the woodwork with the vocal swagger of a fledgling pop star, but somehow Juliet Piper has managed to pull it off. The independent L.A. singer-songwriter infuses West-Coast folk with modern, sultry synth to create an instantly likeable pocket of indie hits.

Piper’s newest single, “Inevitable,” is a twinkly-eyed dip into the bright, misty stream of ethereal pop. She calls upon her background in contemporary dance to put together an accompanying interpretive video (below). The track is comfortable, to be sure, but it easily merits a few listens and an eye towards the songstress’ future.

Check out her video here:

INEVITABLE from Juliet Piper on Vimeo.

Connect with Juliet Piper: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter


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