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CRVVCKS takes on BB Diamond's "Feeling" [Premiere]

BB Diamond has seen her time in the spotlight as a feature artist. She's been the voice to artists like Shift K3y and EDX's music, giving electronic production new personality with focused passion, precision and soul. In 2015, the London-based singer/songwriter ventured out on her own and debuted her first solo track, "Instinct," which went on to be remixed by a slew of artists as well. And just this month on March 4th, she released her sophomore single via First Access entitled "Feeling." A 1980's dance and pop influenced record, "Feeling" shows her understanding of dance music while also chiming in with her ownership of a future pop star.

Though a recent release, the single is already about to get remix attention. We have a first listen to one of those, done by Leeds's CRVVCKS. Pronounced "crooks," CRVVCKS takes notes from his UK garage inspiration throughout tracks like "Leaves," and has done the same in his remix of "Feeling." Drawing on uniquely UK elements reminiscent of drum n bass, CRVVCKS has transformed "Feeling" into a groovy track that sounds like it was already a chart topping hit years ago.

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