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Flying Lotus unveils three unreleased tracks

Best known for his avant-garde stage productions and experimental approach to his creative music, Flying Lotus stands out as a innovator in the music scene. The multi-talented artist plays the role as a producer, DJ and rapper and has pulled himself under the spotlight by blurring lines between genres from hip hop to electronic with a psychedelic twist. In 2014, Flying Lotus released highly-acclaimed You're Dead, a thrilling "post-jazz" LP, that stunned the music scene. Paul MacInnes of The Guardian gave positive feedback on the LP, stating "...He has an incredible ability to both illustrate and extract exceptional amounts of emotion, without saying much at all.". In the year preceding, Flying Lotus had released a deluxe version of the LP, sharing to the world instrumentals and unreleased songs. 

Today, the artist has surprised the world with three unreleased tracks that seem to have been hiding in digital space. The three tracks uploaded to his SoundCloud were made during You're Dead sessions but just missed the cut. "You're DEad! - TDC Alt Experiment" alludes to "Turkey Dog Coma" off You're Dead, in a glitchy chaos of digital noise that pose as polished at the same time. What could potentially viewed as random bleeps and glitz comes across as conversational, robotic and romantic. The other two tracks show an affiliation to renown bassist Thundercat. "NO Feeer Thunnderrrcatt2010" consists of a bouncy melody with a off-beat formations and a slippery placement of synths and winding bass. "Haleys Line//thundercst" is a blurry output of electronic sound interwoven into organic textures. Flying Lotus reminds us of his beautifully bizarre sound with a repetitive bass-line, clunky percussion and notable glow throughout the track. 


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