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Rebeka debuts new album 'Davos' with the "Perfect Man"

Polish synth pop duo Rebeka is back with their sophomore album Davos, the follow up to their 2013 release Hellada. As beautiful and poignant as always, Iwona & Bartek summon their best icy instrumentation and gloomy melodies for the leading track “Perfect Man.” Even the title sort of foreshadows the heavy emotion and turmoil within these five minutes.

Rebeka has a knack for engaging the listener with vivid lyrics and stories. However the duo’s power and genius is evident when those lyrics come together with the band’s lovely production work and Iwona’s commanding vocals. Listening back to Hellada and hearing the strength in standouts like “Melancholia,” “Stars,” and “Unconscious,” it’s amazing that Rebeka isn’t everywhere right now. Don’t let Davos fly under your radar! Look for its release today via Art2.

Indie · Pop · Synth Pop


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