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Stone Cold Fox releases new track "Change My Mind"

Stone Cold Fox are going to change your mind with their new track, "Change My Mind," the second single from their forthcoming EP Tunnel Vision. The five piece outfit, comprised of Kevin Olken Henthorn on vocals and guitar, Ariel Loh on keyboards and synths, Aaron Hamel on drums, Graham Stone on guitar and Justin Bright on bass, have found a comfortable balance between electronic synth melodies and indie rock guitar hooks. 

It can be described as the product of blending The Strokes, LCD Soundsystem and Beat Connection with introspective lyrics that read "No nothing's gonna change my mind / No nothing's gonna pass me by / Alone, I lift my feet off the ground." The words play out over a steady stream of synths that add in a good dose of electronic elements to what would otherwise be a catchy rock tune. Stone Cold Fox is slated to perform at the Brooklyn Knitting Factory on March 31st. 


Electro · Indie


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