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Phoria's new single "Saving Us A Riot" is delicate pop for your ears

I think I just fell in love with Phoria all over again, which seems impossible as I never fell out of love for the Brighton-based fivesome.

Their latest offering entitled "Saving Us A Riot" is what we're swooning over, as it's quite likely their best effort yet. Hailing off of debut album entitled Volition (out June 3/16 via X Novo), "Saving Us A Riot" manifests as subdued chamber pop that illuminates the benefits of acoustic minimalism.

Featuring only delicate guitar fingerpicking, orchestral swells, and soft coos via vocalist Trewin Howard, the track stuns in its unassuming vulnerability. 

The band will play Feb 24/16 at The Pickle Factory in London for those around. 

Acoustic · Indie · Pop


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