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Leon Bridges stacks 5 more songs onto his already phenomenal 'Coming Home'

Well, I wasn't expecting much more from the antique-modern man Leon Bridges, he's revitalized a sound which is more than enough for any young star. However, last week we received the extended version of his album Coming Home, songs which included even more of a "throwback" feel.

"There She Goes,” “Daisy Mae,” “Mississippi Kisses,” “Here In My Arms,” and “Outta Line” were all apart of this new rollout, and I found when I listened to them that I had heard them before... How could I be so stupid? I had heard them at his show in San Diego back in November. "Daisy Mae" sounded a bit different than what we had heard on stage, but streaming through Spotify doesn't fall short of his standard quality.

The deluxe version should mark the end of the Coming Home legacy, but only the beginning of the career of Leon. Take a listen below, and also check out this stellar video of "River":

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