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BAILE delivers a mischievous and cheeky remix of Akiine’s “Destiny”

Brooklyn-based producer Reed Kackley AKA BAILE is known for his texturally rich dance music inspired by house and downtempo sounds. Last week he put out an all new garage inspired remix for Swedish/Londoner artist Akiine, who we've featured on the site a few times before. When describing the remix process BAILE remarks, “I went through and picked out a handful of textural elements to work into the percussion. I also made sure to service the lead vocal line since I knew I wanted to use that as an anchor amid the airiness of the instrumental. I’ve been trying to focus on keeping things minimal. There’s a lot that can be expressed through percussion and rhythm, so I’m enjoying writing tracks that are faster in tempo but juxtaposed with airy, slower moving synths and pads.” The results are a groovy dance floor gem made for those late nights and early morning sets. 



Dance · Deep House · Garage


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