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G Herbo and Joey Bada$$ connect in new video for "Lord Knows"

Chicago's resident prodigy MC, G Herbo formerly Lil Herb, and New York's lyrical wunderkind, Joey Bada$$, decided to come together and combine their talents for a incredible collaboration. Both of the artists have always been ahead of their years, in terms of musical and writing ability, but their sonic growth is evident on "Lord Knows."

No longer relegating himself to 90's hip-hop sensibilities, Joey comes through with a slurring hook that is modern and memorable; instead of spitting bars until his lungs are out of oxygen, Herbo takes a more stern and succinct approach during his verses.  Altogether, their efforts and talents makes "Lord Knows" an engaging listen, from start to finish. 

In the accompanying video, Joey and Herbo are seen walking around a Brooklyn neighborhood. It starts with Joey getting out of a Range Rover and walking on the sidewalk, where a world of trouble and despair seem to be waiting for him. Luckily, he connects with his friends and they continue to a party. Herbo happens to be at this party and the camera begins to follow him, ultimately ending in the Chicago rapper getting into a car in the middle of a snowstorm.

"Lord Knows" is an interesting video, the editing is pretty captivating at moments. Herbo and Joey do a great job feeding off of one another. This is a collaboration that needed to happen and hopefully, happens more often in the future. These two are talented MCs, so definitely watch the video above. 

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