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Andy Mineo goes 16-bit on "Now I Know" [Video]

I usually don't jive with Christian hip hop acts (and that's not a knock against them; it's just not my cup of tea) but I'm about to clear my week in order to catch up on Andy Mineo's catalogue. This New York City hustler has been putting in work and it's payed off in the form of massive tours and passionate fans. Now with the release of "Now I Know," the Reach Records rapper looks to discuss something we can all relate to: lies in all of their forms. From Santa Clause to mindie artists—those artists who seemingly came from nowhere who are on their "independent grind, but are getting support from the labels—Mineo, like us, begin to separate fact from fiction as we grow older (but don't you dare speak ill of wrestling; it's still real to me, dammit). 

While the verses are hot, there's something about the groovy, talkbox-heavy hook that makes the track so memorable. Mineo even raised the bar with this nostalgic, 16-bit style video that perfectly encompasses the juxtaposition of what's real versus what's not. If you haven't copped Andy Mineo's latest album, Uncomfortable, make the jump to his iTunes page and give this man your money. 


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Zeal Levin
5 years ago

@AndyMineo total throwback vibe, love the vocoder action!