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MK and Becky Hill reveal their latest collaboration, "Piece Of Me" [Video]

DJ and producer MK is partly responsible for house's current popularity. Through the release of his impressively infectious hits, he continuously reminds us of melody's important influence on the underground. 

Last month, you may have seen a few Instagram posts from the rooftop of LA's EPLP, wehre BBC Radio 1's Pete Tong held a live broadcast special, "Live in LA."

During his opening DJ set, MK debuted his latest track, a collaboration with UK vocalist and songwriter Becky Hill, entitled "Piece Of Me." Now, the video is online for all to experience the latest off of his upcoming album release.



Connect with MK: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram | YouTube

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5 years ago

@MarcKinchen Where/when can I get this song ??????????????