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Aria has her hands on the "PULSE" of today's current music climate in her video [Premiere]

We at EARMILK have been a fan of Aria for a while now, but 2015 has overall been relatively quiet during 2015. Luckily, we're getting a little taste of all the work she's been up to since the last time we heard from her and the resulting track, "PULSE," is getting us through the holiday week. 
According to Aria herself, the song is "a love story about two [people from] very different worlds that derive out of love and passion from each other, but cannot work out of fear it will end in tragedy." With a cascade of cinematic production as a background to Aria's stunning vocals, the video and track duality create a short film rather than simple music video. The talented artist is clearly gearing up for something special, even if we don't know what that quite is yet. 
"PULSE" is the Introduction song to her EP Basement Talk.
On her upcoming EP release- 
I wanted to give a little introduction to who I am through visuals before releasing any of the music. Each song on the EP (four) is made to display a different mood and show variations of love that are divergent. Pulse is the 'Needing and yearning' aspect of love, So the song and visual represent that exactly. Although each song is extremely contrasting from the other, they still coincide with the same cinematic aesthetic, and blend together in a way that makes sense. Pulse is the FIRST of these four installments.
Check it all out below! 


Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 00.34.39






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5 years ago

Great post thanks guys! This production is definitely an interesting mix