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Farma Wes unveils "The Illumnational (Platinum)" [Video]

Farma Wes presents the "The Illuminational", a two-part music video running in at just under five minutes. This is also the second single to come from his forthcoming album Famel Carter. Farma spent a week in Los Angeles shooting. Generally, his videos tend to have underlying symbolism or back story helping to move the visuals along. With "The Illumination" he takes a different approach in really centering the imagery around the energy of the music. With oversight from the london based cinematographer Director 44, that energy is really manifested. 

Director 44 is able to catch some of the most colorful LA backdrops, which makes for very vivid and clean shots. This is the first track from his next project to have visuals included, you can check it out below.

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