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Tate Tucker takes on a Penthouse Penthouse classic with "Roll With Her" [Premiere]

LA-based recording artist Tate Tucker is one of the best rappers that you may not have noticed (yet). Tate first began his musical journey back in 2010, when he was attending Georgetown University for English and through happenstance was given the opportunity to freestyle in front of a visiting Lupe Fiasco. In the time since, Tate has put out a sheer number of engaging projects that often-times refused stick to one genre or sound for too long.

In the last few years since moving back to LA, Tate has definitely began to take on a much more experimental & future-based sound , as made evident by the excellent singles "Dripz" and "Valley of Youth". Making full use of LA's amazing production scene, Tate has managed to fine tune his song making abilities to create music that is not only personal but also wildly catchy & dance-able. His latest creation is a interpretation of a Penthouse Penthouse production entitled "Roll With Her". It is the final song released off of his Prelude EP on Fête Recordsand is a slow burning ode to an unnamed lover that showcases his uncanny singing and rapping abilities. Listen to the single below and make sure to peep Tate's Prelude EP in full on his website: http://yupitstate.com/.

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