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Junk Son's debut track "True" has been remixed by A House In The Trees [Premiere]

Junk Son's "True" (released Dec 4/15 via 37 Adventures) has been transformed, and by transformed I mean totally reimagined into a spacious and ethereal offering that thrives on minimalist sensuality. 

South London audio/visual collective A House In The Trees' remix of "True" plays solely with the experimental side of electronic music, in a downtempo, glitchy sort of fashion. Spacey female vocals lay atop punchy percussion and pulsating basslines, creating a mysterious, detective-like aura to the 4+ minute piece. 

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/237088402"] 

Watch the stunning accompanying visuals below, also courtesy of A House In The Trees.

Junk Son and A House In The Trees will play a free London show together on Dec 13/15 at Rye Wax. Click here for more info

Downtempo · Electronic · Minimal


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