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Lost in Stars and Kid Moxie's "Once You Were Fire" gets a surrealistic video [Premiere]

Lost in Stars and Kid Moxie are separate, individual artists, but each is essential to the other.  Dylan Willoughby's production as Lost in Stars is equal parts Burial and Angelo Badalamenti, while Elena Charbila's music as Kid Moxie, which Willoughby often produces, conjures comparisons to Ladytron and Julee Cruise.  This mix of the retro, futuristic, and cinematic is the only calling card they need, leaving the frequent collaborators free to throw all genre constraints out the window.

That's exactly what Willoughby did on his recent Once You Were Fire EP, spending the first half in a murky dubstep mood, ruminating on death and lost loved ones, before turning to hopefulness and a brighter synth pop sound for the second half.  The title track is a mournful dedication to The Spaceape, the Hyperdub Records emcee who passed away last year.  The Spaceape's work with Kode9 and others was an all-too-rare combination of electronic music and spoken word poetry, and it makes sense that he had an influence on Willoughby, who uses literary influences frequently.  Kid Moxie handles vocals on "Once You Were Fire," bidding farewell while asking if someone so well-loved can ever disappear completely.  

"Once You Were Fire" now has new visuals directed by Tina Jo.  In the video, Charbila recites the lyrics like a solemn incantation, amid fire ants, swaying bodies, and swirls of shapeshifting  color.  Watch it below.



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Lost in Stars
5 years ago

@KIDMOXIEMUSIC thanks @DarrenBurgos