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Jupiter shares live "Tiki Nights" video ahead of expanded 'Bandana Republic' [Video]

Just before summer, Paris-based band Jupiter released their highly anticipated sophomore album Bandana Republic. Picking up right where they left off, the trio continues with their signature synth pop-meets-disco sound. Warm breezy tracks like “Bandana” make for the perfect cruising tunes, where tracks like “Do It” offer more of that sticky-sweet pop that makes Jupiter so irresistible.

“Tiki Nights” is one of those cutesy tunes that boasts heavy classic disco vibes and a tinge of Asian inspiration. Join Jupiter in the video below to watch them perform a live studio version of “Tiki Nights” at the shack. And for more Jupiter goodness, check out the extended version of Bandana Republic set to release December 11th. It will have some bonus cuts and remixes packed onto the standard album.


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