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Owen Rabbit releases howlin' new track "Denny's"

It makes sense that Aussie electronic producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Owen Rabbit would come from a jazz and classical background. You can hear it in this howlin' new track entitled "Denny's," where he blends alternative electronic music with primal yet artistically tweaked screams that come from a place of deep intellect. The track was recently released as a lead-up to his full EP, which will be unveiled in early 2016. 

Owen Rabbit lives in a self-created world and entered it through the use of field recordings which he began in order to produce his own music. On "Denny's" he's merged his academic background with a mysterious world of hums, synths, alty beats and howls. It's a deeply personal piece and seems to have come from a place of intense introspection, which spews out in circling sound motions into the recording. 

Electronic · Experimental


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