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The Flavr Blue releases new track "Majesty"

The Flavr Blue have released their new track "Majesty" in anticipation of their upcoming EP Love Notes. On it they have blended old school soul with soft electronic whisperings that could seamlessly transfer into any ear. Comprised of vocalist Hollis Wong-Wear and singers/producers Lace Cadence and Parker Joe began simply together in the studio, melding together various influences from different backgrounds. 

They soon translated their work in the studio into live performances that truly moved the crowd and even Questlove tweeted a compliment after viewing one of their performances at the Brooklyn Bowl. The Flavr Blue are currently preparing for an extensive tour to begin in 2016 and have select shows in a few cities scheduled, as well as a performance with Kiesza to occur as part of the Red Bull 30 Days in LA Festival

Electronic · R&B


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