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Rustie announces surprise new album, hear two tracks now

There was a long break between Rustie's phenomenal debut album, Glass Swords, and his sophomore effort, Green Language, so it's great to see him announce his third, EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE, so soon.  The fact that the album's lead single, "First Mythz," sounds like an underwater EDM party for dolphins doesn't hurt either.  Rustie's biggest strength has always been his love of epic, Nintendo-influenced pyrotechnics, and based on the two tracks here, EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE will return to that focus after the pop-leaning Green Language.

Rustie's not going back to the Glass Swords sound either; there's no Seinfeld bass guitar or jarring tempo shifts here, just a masterful skill for building suspense and packing each second with every atom of serotonin possible.  On "Peace Upzzz," he dangles the drop above the listener's head for two full minutes, making it all that more of a rush when it finally comes.

You won't have to wait for the album, though; it's out today, purchase here

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