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"Ain't Nobody" stopping you from loving Palm Trees's KStewart remix [Premiere]

German duo Palm Trees took over the world with their debut single “Casanova” when it first appeared online about two months ago. Now the duo is back with a remix for British singer KStewart, who’s also been slaying in her own right. Her track “Ain’t Nobody” highlights KStewart’s powerhouse vocals thanks to bubbly and flirty energy in production from producers TCTS and Karma Kid. Palm Trees takes that bounce, and ironically has more of a sway going on in their remix. Between the sway, the breezy open-air feel, and the tropical house vibes, the overall energy from the track is very uplifting.

The original mix of KStewart's "Ain't Nobody" is out now. Check out the video for the original below and find it available to purchase from digital retailers like iTunes


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