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Redman is still a "Dope Man" [Video]

Whether you know him from his musical endeavours, his tour-de-force role in How High, or the now famous Cribs episode that showed us how he always kept it real, Redman has always been that guy. As one of the few emcees in hip hop who could be funny while still being nice on the mic, he's been able to drop hit after hit for more than 20 years. With the release of "Dope Man," Red hasn't missed a step. Over a glitzy, piano heavy boom bap beat, the New Jersey rhymer speaks on being nicer than the competition while dropping his fair share of punchlines. Check out the video and have a good laugh. Mudface, Red's next album, drops on November 13th; make sure you pick it up and give it some spins to hear what Funk Dr. Spock's been up to these days. 

Hip-Hop · Rap


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