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Lee Van Dowski leads you to battle with "Bango Bango" [Premiere]

Having grown up on diet of rock and hip-hop music, it wouldn't have been very easy to predict the sort of sound that Renaud Lewandowski, aka Lee Van Dowski, would develop. Born in France and now residing in Geneva, he's clearly drawn inspiration from a multitude of sounds and experiences throughout his life, with releases on labels such as Cocoon, Bpitch Control and Soma all telling completely different stories. "Bango Bango," his latest release on the Crosstown Rebels sub-label Rebellion, tells the tale of a distant culture revolting against an unforgiving world.  

Raw, pounding kicks followed by a marching pack of worldly percussion stomp their way straight into your ears, painting pictures of a tribal army ambushing their enemy. The alluring female vocal lick is gradually teased in, humming over the percussion as the record hisses, snarls and gathers momentum. It's an extremely weighty affair from start to finish, and as the vocal momentarily fades out during the measured break down, it's not long before you're helplessly hurled back into conflict. 

It's without doubt the stand out record on the extremely diverse Quasar 27.3 EP, and you'll be able to purchase it from October 23rd


Bass · Premiere · Tribal


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