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Fog Lake's new video for "Shanty Town" is as lush as it gets [Video Premiere]

Fog Lake is a one-man band based out of Newfoundland, Canada who makes self-proclaimed "healing pop", and it's really good. 
His most recent release, entitled Victoria Park (which is out now on Orchid Tapes) contains this sonic sense of lush isolation and disconnect, all the while remaining accessible. The album in full is down-and-out and yet sports a DIY-esque energy that is truly magnetic. 
"Shanty Town" is undeniably a stand-out track from Victoria Park. Today, that tune gets its very own music video. Directed by Fog Lake's friend Tyler T. Williams (Coma Cinema, Youth Lagoon, Timber Timbre), the video is a strange kaleidoscope of old footage which captures the mundane moments and movements of our protagonist.


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