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Chance The Rapper hits an emotional chord in his "Family Matters" video

2015 has been a busy year for Chance The Rapper. Between headlining a national tour, headlining the Pitchfork Music Festival, heavily contributing to Donnie Trumpet and The Social ExperimentsSurf, and working on new solo material for his highly anticipated follow up to Acid Rap, Young Chano has taken a number of productive steps to further his career and put in the work to keep his fans' appetites fed. However, as great as his career is currently going and how strong his brand continues to grow, it all pales in comparison to the birth of his first child.

Chance the father is already extremely grateful for this time of his life, as seen in his beautiful instagram the day his daughter was cleared to be taken home. He has always preached family first in his music and made sure to show appreciation to his love ones, most recently in "Sunday Candy" an uplifting ode to his grandmother. His latest single takes this theme to the next level. Entitled "Family Matters," Chance  raps and sings about his life, passion, and future all while meandering down memory lane. The Kanye West "Family Business" sample makes the song even more poignant reminder of his growth and love for his hometown, Chicago.

"Family Matters'" accompanying video is equally touching. Splicing scenes from Chance's home videos, with video footage from his Pitchfork Music Festival headlining set, captured the grateful reminiscing, but continuing to progress vibe of the song. Towards the end, when Chance addresses the crowd and thanks them for supporting him, it was incredibly moving. Viewers are able to see how he had so much charisma when he was child, how he was able to harness it as a young adult, and eventually translated it, through perseverance, into stardom. It's clear that he has a lot more left in the tank and he is only at the beginning, but it was great recap of how he got here.

Check out "Family Matters" above and pray that Chance releases the mysterious "third mixtape" soon, rather than later.

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